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Marcel Rozek is an an abstract artist interested in color relationships and the role of transparency in stain painting.

• Can you describe the time when you first realized that creating was something you absolutely had to do?

"I think I always realized that. I always felt most myself when working with my hands and creating. Whether it was building model cars, carpentry, or tinkering with electronics. I really enjoyed the feeling of knowing that something now existed because I made it."

-Marcel Rozek


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Candle Care

So you're wondering why your candle never stays in the perfect condition? Why the wax ends up lopsided and the flame burns too high? Heres some tips to keep your home smelling fresh and your candle looking as good as its scent.


Meet the Artist: Lindsey Nobel

Lindsey Nobel talks: What creativity means to her and how she's been inspired to create.

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Meeth the artist: Martin Durazo

Beauty in unpredictable places, the art of seduction, etc.

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D2 Art

an art consulting service specializing in providing personal, expert attention to our client's needs. We work with production offices, set decorators, corporate leasors, interior designers, real estate stagers, and private collectors.