To compliment the home’s modern interior, a wall piece from Tony Brown adorns the home’s living room. In company with ceramic pieces by Linn, the one-off nature of each piece add character to an otherwise refined design flow. The imperfect, perfect form adds into the home design.

D2 ART, in collaboration with interior designer, Jae Omar, executed a beautifully curated home interior.

To highlight Omar’s affinity for imperfection, he worked with D2 Art to find the perfect pieces by Tony Brown, Galia Linn & Masami Tsuchikawa, reminiscent of the Japanese tradition “wabi sabi,” a philosophy in which imperfection is the gauge by which beauty is measured. The artworks found their place in the recently finished home in Palisades, CA.

The piece by Brown commissioned by the residents is a 3′ x 18′ unique construction of repurposed furniture parts- a hallmark of the artist’s signature style of assemblage.

danica derpic